Classy Escorts In Bangalore Give Sophisticated Company

Summary: When you want a classy companion, the high profile Escorts in Bangalore who maintain a class are sure to provide you with the type of exclusive companionship that you are looking for.


When class and sophistication defines you and your lifestyle, your friends too are sure to be limited and polished. But you may not get the opportunity to spend time with them too often leaving you lonely. You know that you have a reputation to maintain, and a class to cater to that prevent you from making friends everywhere. Bangalore Escorts The result is that very often though you have the desire to spend quality time in a desirable company, the circumstances hinder you from doing so.

A hospitable lot

However, you will do well to consider availing of the services of the high-class Escorts Bangalore that are a class apart. These escorts are ravishingly beautiful and also come from elite backgrounds with fine upbringing. As such they too maintain selected company, accepting guests only after discerning their profiles. They are into the profession of escorts as they have a zest for life and enjoy the company of people who are like-minded. This makes them truly hospitable towards their guests despite their class. When you are in the company of one such beautiful escort, you will surely be able to unwind and enjoy some light moments.


Carrying the right attitude


Most of these escort girls are well-versed with the mannerisms and etiquette of the high society. Should you want one of these classy girls to accompany you to a high-end party or even a reputed nightclub, you are sure to have the right partner. She will know how to carry herself with aplomb in such situations while keeping you entertained too. Wherever you may be with her, she is sure to follow the strictures of her profession of keeping her valued guest engaged and in good humor. With such attention on you, envious looks are sure to eye you all evening long.


An engaging companion


The Classy Bangalore Escorts are not just beautiful but also an intelligent lot. Most have a fine education to their credit and also speak multiple languages. It is easy to share and exchange ideas about current affairs and the like and be engaged in bright conversations. Their broad outlook towards life makes them optimists, and they make sure to pass on their attitude onto their guests.

Website Creation Technology – Tips For a Beginner’s Budget

Creating a blog or  website  when you have no  website   technology  know-how  and  limited funds can be a daunting prospect at any age. More important, though, is whether you really want and need a blog or website for your business or some other aspect of your life.

Before committing time  and  money to any  website  or blog creation teacher, take some simple steps to introduce yourself to the subject of  website   technology . Focus on increasing your basic knowledge at little to no cost by gathering information from the following sources.

• Call your local library. Most libraries now include a bank of computers for their members’ use and classes intended to increase their members’ ability to use them. My local library provides the services of a computer “geek” to answer questions. Does your local geek have the know-how to teach you how to create a website or blog? Is the library planning to give a low-cost course. Or perhaps the geek has a friend in the business or has taken an online class in the subject and can recommend who you should turn to. It never hurts to ask.

• Read about creating a website. While at the library, use some old  technology  to learn some new  technology-read  a how-to book or two about creating  and  maintaining a blog. The library geek as well as the research librarian should know what titles are best suited to the beginner. Wading through five pages of a book on website creation will either kill your curiosity or plant the seed that could lead you to take the next step.

• Ask your family and friends. You know by now whether Cousin Fred or your neighbor has given up real life for the web. Do they have a blog or a website? Are they trying to sell products, promote a non-profit or create a blog for a growing family? If so, how did they learn to do it? If they took an on-or-off-line class, who with? How much did it cost? Most important, did they learn and use the information?

• Check the curriculum of local colleges and adult schools. There might or might not be a charge to take classes about web  technology , but it’s usually so little, it borders on being “free.”

• Google “how to create a blog free.” There are numerous sites offering web  technology  information online at no charge. Don’t expect too much-the information these sites offer can be incomplete and confusing. The site’s creator might presume the reader already has a certain degree of knowledge or shares only what he finds convenient to share. At the very least, you should learn some e-technology terms  and  the pro’s and con’s of blogging. Many of these sites also sell video’s, low-priced books or e-books about blogging.

• Preview calls giving online instruction: Free preview calls or webinars are offered by any serious online instructor. Savvy instructors provide varying amounts of information about creating a blog along with a pitch about their qualifications to teach the course. Most providers allow time for questions from the listeners. Even if you listen to a replay, the question and answer segment can provide valuable information both about creating a blog and the instructor’s ability to provide articulate answers. Listen to three to five of these free sessions before you decide which online instructor, if any, is the best for achieving your goal at a price you can afford.

• Read the online instructor’s blogs. Once you identify the online instructors competing for your dollars, read their blog entries-past and current-and any free online reports they offer. This can be an additional source of technical  and  practical information about  website  creation  and  will tell you even more about the teacher’s ability to communicate the online  technology  you need.

After following these steps, if you’re ready to commit yourself and your budget to a serious website creation course, then it’s time to find a knowledgeable teacher with an information-packed course of instruction that’s available for as long as you need it!

Web 3.0 Technology

In my last article, I talked a little about what web 3.0 is. In this one, I would like to talk a little about the  technology  aspect of Web 3.0  and  see if I can paint a small picture of where it is headed, but before I do that let us look at how to define it:

1. Universality to be used for every browser.

2. Mobility, each type of printer hardware.

3. Accessibility, web standards, application solution, software SaaS.

A few characteristics of Web 3.0 would be web-based solutions. (ASP, SaaA, Software, Application, the webmaster, users, DataBase server and Microformats)

Graphically characteristics: user(s) communities, sites outer linking between each other, open source and hardware layer independence, just to name a few.

Here is the list of Web 3.0 users:

Artificial Intelligence

Automated reasoning

Cognitive architecture

Composite applications

Distributed computing

Knowledge representation

Ontology (Computer Science)

Recombinant text

Scalable vector graphics

Semantic web

If you didn’t understand all the terms just mentioned, don’t worry for right now because the average person will never be involved in setting up the infrastructure of Web 3.0. However, you will be using some type of this  technology  in the future if you plan on using the web.

People think computers are getting smarter. It is just that people are programming them in such a way that it is gathering more and more information and is used in a way that we think the computer is smarter than humans.

In the context of Web 3.0, inference engines will be combining the latest innovations from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field together with domain-specific ontologies (created as formal or informal ontologies, by, say, Wikipedia, as well as others), domain inference rules, and query structures to enable deductive reasoning on the machine level.

The term transforming the web into a database has been kicked around for several years but it looks like Web 3.0 is the word. There was another term emerged “Data Web” but we will see if this one is allowed. Only time will tell.

Let’s talk a little about RRS  technology . It will allow information to be transferred to almost any other website like Myindiatims and IGoogle. These sites will let users create their own personal home page and the RRS feed can draw its content so the user can select much of it.

As you can see,  technology  is rapidly advancing. Why not advance with it!

Ssssh! The Little-Known Secrets To Affordable Website Design

Affordable   website  design services are an important commodity in today’s world of computers  and   technology . Businesses constantly need new websites created and updated. As such, a person with knowledge of this  technology  can offer affordable  website  design services to businesses. Many website design companies also offer affordable website designs to help small businesses create a web presence that their potential customers can enjoy. With many different designs, styles, and choices available, a company can find an affordable website design with a certain amount of research.

If you are a small company or a home-based business, you can do affordable website design by yourself with some knowledge. This will likely be a basic website, but the important thing is getting your business name into the world wide web for potential customers and clients to notice. Many websites and office supply stores sell affordable website design software you can utilize for your website. With the proper software and a do-it-yourself attitude, you can create your own affordable website design by the end of the day.

Creating an affordable website design might take some specialized training. If you don’t mind taking a few classes, you can find adult education training in your area that offers affordable website design training inexpensively. You can also find books, magazines and software to help you create an affordable website by yourself. The more knowledge your have in the website design field, the more unique and creative you can make your company’s site.

Several website design companies offer affordable website design packages for small businesses and individuals. If you hire a company to create an affordable website design, it will probably be a very basic site that might not meet all of your business needs. For more customized and uniquely designed sites, they normally charge higher rates. As an alternative, you can get your affordable website design by freelancers who offer this same service. One advantage is that freelancers are more likely to be inexpensive and they offer your case more individualized attention. Many freelance web designers specialize in providing affordable website design and maintenance packages to save you from the hassle of creating a website design by yourself.

There are several ways that you can get an affordable website design. For basic web pages, you can create an affordable website design by yourself. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, you can also get an attractive website design by companies or freelancers who offer this type of service. With a proper but affordable website design, you can increase the profits of your company and have something you can be proud of.

Web Design Overview For You And Business

When getting your business online the design of your website is extremely important. This can be the difference between you being successful on the internet and you failing on the internet. Many people choose to get a professional in to design their website and it is probably the best thing that you can do.

Web Design covers many areas all of which require a very skilled individual or a highly skilled team to do this correctly. It is about making sure your website looks good and making sure it is easy to use. This may sound simple but it is definitely not, it requires detailed coding through HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading Style sheets) both which take a lot of time to complete properly. It is worth planning your website before you make any changes at all.

By designing your website correctly you can make sure visitors stay on your website. It is estimated that a person will decide within 7 seconds whether or not they will stay on the site or not and this means that the first impression that you give off is extremely important. You’ve got to think about what you can do to make your website different to all of your competitor’s websites. If you have paid somebody else to make your website they will sort this out for you but if you have any ideas it would be worth passing these over so that they bring your ideas to life. As well as making sure that your customers like your website it is important that you like it as well. With a better design you attract more customers through your website and this can help you grow. The number of people on the internet means that your growth is basically unlimited so having a well-designed website will make or break you.

A well designed website can make you seem professional which is important. Think about it, when you have been browsing the internet and you have come across a website that looks cheap were you impressed and tempted to use their services? The answer to that is probably no because a well-designed website that looks professional creates the impression that the business operates in a professional fashion which many customers take very seriously. Once you have got a website that is well designed you can leave it like that for years to come so it is a one off cost that will benefit you for years. With the website looking brilliant people are more likely to spend money on your website which means there is a high return on your investment and that is very important no matter what you invest in. In addition to this a well-designed website is likely to feature on other websites as some people will talk about it on forums and other businesses that compliments yours may want to refer their own customers to you.

You may not have thought of this but if your website is well-designed it can appear higher up in a search engines results. The reason for this is that search engines like Google send bots to look at websites and they take into consideration how easy the website is to use and they also look at the content you have and this can affect your rankings. This makes wed design a win win situation as by attracting more visitors through a well-designed website you can also appears higher up in a search engines natural results which is free.

Web design has to be done correctly before you but your business on the internet a bad website could possibly create a bad reputation for your company which the creates a domino effect as people become unimpressed with what you have to offer.

Technical Support For Excellent Applications

Today, what you as a new-age user of information  technology  need is a strong technical support built-up that leverages on advances in easy-to-use fourth generation computer programming languages  and  Web 2.0 internet computer  technology .

You need a good database system that meets official application of your business the best way. You need to make most of networking and relational model developed over the years. You also need a good technical support that helps you implement such database management system by incorporating high-end servers. Such high-end server today delivers high-performance on user-client relationship.

Today’s latest advanced database servers provides you a computer solution that meets the information needs of your business enterprise requiring least of complicated computer programming. Instead of developing computer programming for each of your application, today relational database management system allows you to make your computer programming integrated in a superior compact way. As a result, you do not have to start programming from scratch each time you develop a new need or make a new inquiry. This is the concept behind today’s relational database management system. It now comes to you using structured query language (SQL). This SQL or structured query language allows you to develop programming in easy-to-use way. They make most of fourth generation computer programming languages which are user friendly and can be operated even by a non-technical person.

The advanced Web 2.0 computer  technologies  today allow you to design your  websites  without requiring you complicated HTML programming. Now, you can design your webite without knowing much about HTML. Today, your online computer forum provides you with tech help tips that can be learned even by a non-technical person so easily. Today, what you need is a technical support program that allows you to profit from such user friendly computer  technologies .

You as a creative-minded person can apply your creativity today to design a very powerful relational database management system for your large business enterprise. You can now design a very attractive powerful website that will attract a large number of visitors and give you huge business. Today, your computer  technology  knowhow is not your barrier against applying your creativity. Your tech help forum is right there to help you with easy-to-use tech help tips that will allow you to make most of computer  technologies  today.

Today, you can also be a part of your sales promotion of your brand in an active manner. You can market your product making intelligent use of online computer  technologies . You can use email strategies for getting past those overzealous spam filters and reaching your target audience for your business product by using a variety of different techniques. You can use valuable tech help tips from a popular computer forum that will help you to navigate marketing messages pass the filters into the inboxes.

Today, by using Web 2.0 computer  technologies , you can definitely make your business build powerful brand value. This is possible by smart web-marketing techniques that will utilize available advances in RSS, URLs, link buildings, and e-mail marketing the most. This will redefine your brand value building on advanced online marketing skills.

By using up-to-date RDBMS for your database needs that builds on relational models, you can build a strong information processing system for your business support. By using advanced Web 2.0 computer  technologies , you can market your business products pretty effectively.

The Pitfalls Of Using Technology For Technology’s Sake

Being a long-time Internet entrepreneur, I have made certain observations over time. Most people who start an online business seem to go through certain “phases.” They make the same mistakes, and they react the same to different circumstances. All the while, they never realize that much of this behavior sends a glaring red signal that they are undoubtedly newbies.

There is nothing wrong with being a newbie (after all, I wasn’t born this brilliant grin). But ask any novice and they will tell you that they don’t want to appear to be a beginner. That’s why I recently felt the need to bring attention to a typical newbie mistake that you’ll want to avoid. That mistake is using every single piece of new Web  technology  you can find JUST because it is available.

I understand the appeal of new  technology . However, before loading up yet another animated graphic or phasing Web page, ask yourself a few questions.

1. Will this  technology  add value to my site? By value I mean something that will enhance (and not clutter) your Web visitor’s experience. Other than being cool, will the  technology  help in some way?

2. Will the  technology  cause an inconvenience to my visitors? Will an all Flash home page force visitors (even repeat visitors) to sit and watch a two-minute long movie each and every time they come to your site? Will tons of animated or rotating graphics files make your home page load extremely slow? Web surfers are very impatient people, you know. I can tell you from experience, they won’t wait.

3. Does the  technology  require that my site visitor do anything? Will your visitors have to download any special software or plug-ins to see your site with this new  technology ? If so, skip it! It isn’t worth the chance of visitors clicking away.

4. Is the  technology  stable? Is the chat program you’ve installed reliable? Does that new java script work the way it should? Does that streaming video feed skip and crash? If your new  technology  doesn’t perform up to speed 99% of the time, it isn’t worth causing aggravation to your visitors.

Before making any technological enhancements to your site, think about your visitors. Yes, the new  technology  may be cool, but if it doesn’t offer some true value to your customers, you would most likely be better off  and  more professional looking without it.

Create A User-Friendly Website With Web Database Development

To be successful on the internet, it is essential to have a web database development that attracts a lot of attention. Most of you are aware that it is necessary to have a successful website to generate revenue. In the past, having a well deigned website with good SEO was enough but today you need to make your site user friendly to beat your competitors and gain the attention of your visitors.

The online visitors of today are more tech savvy and many of them are equipped with sound technical knowledge. They can judge the website with its appearance and the information it presents. This makes it necessary for individuals to seek the help of a sound web database development team to develop or design a website. This is crucial as you need to take that extra leap beyond the template design, pictures and content. While opting for this, you might find that your competitors in the industry are finding it tedious and challenging to keep their website updated to cater to the changing needs of their clients.

Getting a good web database development support is essential as it offers the following advantages to you and your online customers:

  • Your database enables you to have an integrated search function and a shopping cart. This would mean a lot to your commercial website. This is essential to retain your customers for a longer period of time.
  • Your website will display information in such a way that it engages the readers until they finish reading it. Also, the other components arranged by web database development team will be in such a way that they are displayed with just a click of the mouse. This instant accessibility draws the interest of the customers.
  • Some of the databases let the website users to register and access the products or services that you have to offer. Also, if they buy a product, then they are provided a catalogue from which they can select the products. After they select one or more from an array of products/services, an automatic invoice is generated as the proof of the transaction, which is e-mailed to the customer. This can be used by the user for further clarification of doubts or for other purposes.
  • The web database development also enables the website owners to know about the details of frequent users to the site, shopping details, details of shipment, price details, product charts, etc. Some databases also have the list of emails of the customers to whom the bills of purchase were e-mailed.
  • Certain database services are known to have a follow up service connected to the website whenever a purchase is made. They ask for the satisfaction acquired from the product purchased and require your customers to rate the services of your site with star rating method. Also, newsletters will be sent to the customers through e-mail informing them of any new product launched or older products upgraded in the site. This in turn will benefit you by generating a lot of revenue for your website while creating a good reputation among your clients.

How Mobile Website Designs Should Be Created

Now you can tuck away your website in a mobile!

This is where internet stands today. First the great cyber revolution came, where web became the fetish of the day and then websites and technological advancements that grappled the world by a techno storm. Now the latest that came up is mobile website designing which is turning gossip mongers to churn some meat out there. Professional web development companies are ensuring that web page designs could be mobile friendly as well now. And well, it is indeed interesting to note the fact that need leads to experiments, who would carry a laptop or a desktop everywhere? What if you want to review a site immediately, why wait for any cyber station or to get to home? Mobiles these days are progressive versions of IT and are integrated with exponential features as well. Hence it is at all times wise to understand the fact that mobile websites are much more practical than regularly browsing. They serve the purpose instantly, without asking for too much, isn’t it?

Well, quite literally a website can now fit in your hands! Quite a thought out there..

Some of the best website designers are embedded with the expertise to create web designs that are compatible with mobiles as well. Statistics say there were at least 63 million people who accessed their mobiles to browse the internet and websites and by 2013, there would be around 1.7 billion mobile internet users. So, in future, demand for these mini version websites will be sky high and in all this, a mobile website design company will play a crucial role.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to understand how mobile website designs should be created:

  • The needs must be clear before designing a website for mobile purposes as well. Mobile website design happens in one of these three cases like a brand new website, redesign of an existing website, or an addition of a mobile site.
  • Secondly the business objective must be clear.
  • Keeping in mind the parameters from the past design is important in order to take cues of what needs to be done. Before diving into a mobile design or a development, a history analysis is always useful.
  • HTML5, CSS3   and  web fonts are some progressive web  technologies  that are almost compatible on any resource. Responsive web design is always beneficial for any website design company and its clients. You must optimize your screen resolution according to suit desktop and mobile browsers.
  • If you feel complicated and over the top design would work great wonders, you are mistaken. Keep it simple and direct. You must always consider the usability factors before embarking on design part.
  • Single column layouts are always a winner in the realm of mobile website design.
  • Cruise from ‘click-able’ to ‘tappable’. On mobiles it is mostly the finger play than mouse clicks, hence while converting your design from desktop to mobiles, you must understand and reconsider click-able elements like links, buttons and menus.
  • It goes without saying that you must check your website at the end before you let it go on air.

A Professional mobile website company follows all the above mentioned points and always comes up with a fast, easy to navigate and attractive mobile version for your website.

Is Your Real Estate Website an Up-To-Date Lead Generating Marketing Tool?

Every real estate agent knows a website is critical to a lead-generation strategy. Learn how to determine if your real estate website is doing more harm than good with our handy checklist.

Web sites aren’t like cartons of milk with a clear-cut expiration date stamped prominently on them. But that doesn’t mean that your web site will never spoil. With new trends   and   technologies  constantly being introduced, the web is the most fluid media format in the history of mankind. Studies, technological innovations and constant testing are shaping (daily) how “best practices” for web marketing are evolving. That’s why it’s essential that you periodically ensure that you’re not falling behind the curve. An outdated web site can do more harm than it does good, making you look out of touch. The trouble is that it’s not always easy to know when your site crosses that line and becomes a liability rather than a benefit to your business.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of 10 key indicators when analyzing your personal web site to determine whether or not you might be due for an update. Let’s get started.

1. Size Does Matter

Today’s best websites look different from the moment your browser lands on them. Naturally, the web grows along with  technology . A few years ago, it was customary to find people browsing on a 13- or 15-inch monitor. As a result, the width of most web sites was designed to match these screens. These days, 19- to 24-inch screens have gained widespread popularity, making the narrow-width sites designed for smaller monitors look outdated in comparison. This prevents the breathing room that allows today’s most impressive-looking websites to create a stunning visual impression on their visitors.

From a purely technical standpoint, if your site is not a minimum of 800 pixels wide, it’s time to consider a redesign.

2. Get Social

Integration of social media into his or her personal  website  is a sure sign that an agent is on the cutting edge of  technology . Does your site include links to all of your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Some agents may be afraid of this new  technology , but it can’t be dismissed as a trendy marketing gimmick. Not only are social media platforms a great way to establish relationships with potential clients before they need your services, but integration of your social media accounts can be highly beneficial to your search engine optimization. The more you can integrate social media into your site, the more it will provide the valuable “new content” that leads to high rankings in search engines.

With its relationship-building capabilities and search engine benefits, it’s important that you integrate your social networking sites into your own personal website.

3. Branding Matters

Branding is all about creating an emotional response in your target. Far too often, however, agents fail to convey their personal brand on their web site. Branding is more than just a catchy slogan. It’s a gut feeling created in the consumer that either attracts them to you or repels them from you. You want visitors to your web site to come away with something memorable and a feeling that they know you and would feel comfortable working with you. And oh yeah – you only have a few seconds to capture their attention while they’re quickly making decisions about whether or not they’d ever call you.

As home buyers and sellers use the web more and more as a screening device in selecting an agent, the more important it becomes that your web site conveys your unique personal brand. For better or worse, people are going to make the decision whether or not to call you based on their perception of you that they get from your web site. So it’s time to take a long, hard look at your site and ask yourself the following questions: How will visitors to your site come away thinking about you? What will be their first impression? What emotional response will they have to your site? Does your web site differentiate you from other agents? Does it convey a sense of high quality? Does it give insight into who you are, or does it read like generic information that could apply to any real estate agent?

If your site isn’t doing a good job answering these questions satisfactorily, it’s time to consider making a change to your web site.

4. Continuity is Key

Continuity of message and your look is an important element in building a personal brand. Here’s an exercise to help determine if you’ve achieved continuity in your marketing. Just play along and imagine this scenario for a second: Let’s say a homeowner logs on to your personal web site, but for the purposes of this experiment, your name is concealed from their view. Would they recognize you simply from the aesthetic design of your site? If not, that’s a big problem. It’s very important that all of your marketing efforts provide a consistent look and feel, regardless of the medium. That means that anything and everything you do – direct mail, fliers, handouts AND your web site – should have a consistent, instantly recognizable look.

In the simplest terms, the point of marketing is to create a perception in people’s minds that makes you memorable to them. So if that’s your goal, it only makes sense to help make yourself memorable by having a consistent look across everything you do. This seems like an obvious point, but we’re continually amazed at how many agents tend to underestimate the importance of continuity across all of their personal marketing efforts. Too many agents opt for the “cheapie” one-size-fits-all, template site. In doing so, they might save a few pennies up front, but they are costing themselves thousands of dollars in potential lost opportunity. If your site doesn’t match the look of your other marketing activities, it’s time to make a change.

5. Converting Visitors into Leads

It’s a fairly impressive accomplishment just to get a prospective client to visit your web site. But just visiting your site isn’t the reason you have a web site. It’s all about converting those visitors into leads, and far too many of the sites we see don’t give the visitor ample opportunities to do so.

The best real estate web sites include what the industry calls “stickiness.” Stickiness is all about giving the visitor a reason to come back to your site or to bookmark it for repeated visits in the future. To achieve stickiness, you need to be providing valuable content to the reader. The key to doing this is to step outside your view and put yourself in the prospective home buyer or seller’s shoes. You need to think like your customers. You need to provide market-specific information. You need to ask yourself what questions people are asking you, and then offer that information on your web site.

It’s also essential that you have a system  and   technology  in place to compel visitors to sign up  and  give you their information. From special report offers to periodic market update requests and more, effective lead-capture tactics are essential to making your web site a strong business generator. If you don’t have them, you’re falling behind the pace.

Even once you have a way of capturing people’s information, the game is not over. At that point, it becomes essential that you have a foolproof follow-up system to keep in touch these prospective clients. The key is to maintain a consistent, but not overbearing presence in their lives. After initial contact and lead qualification, a maintenance follow-up of one to two emails a month is a good plan.

6. Keep It Simple

Far too many agent sites seem to be based on the belief that “more is always better.” You’ve seen ’em – the sites that are a dizzying array of useless links and widgets that make your eyes glaze over as soon as the home page loads. On the other hand, the best sites are those with simple, clean navigation that deliver content people actually want and provides value.

If your site is packed full of miscellaneous links and flashing buttons, it’s time to tone it down and create an easy-to-navigate site that puts the emphasis where it belongs – on conveying your personal brand and delivering valuable, relevant content to your visitors.

Does My Site Need a Blog?

We’d be remiss if we wrote an article about marketing on the web and didn’t mention blogging. Over the last couple years, there are few topics we have been asked about as much as blogging. So here’s the scoop: Blogging is great, but it also contains a huge pitfall. The upside of blogging is that it allows you to periodically provide valuable information to people in an unobtrusive way. Through regular blogging, people will grow to like you and feel comfortable with you. Consistent blog updates will also increase your search engine rankings.

We can hear you now. “That sounds great! So what’s the drawback?”

The drawback of blogging is that it’s very easy to get excited about blogging when you first become a blogger. The first couple weeks, it’s an inspiring part of your daily activities. But inevitably, the appeal of writing a new blog entry is going to wane. And the lower your enthusiasm for blogging becomes, the less likely you are to regularly update your blog.

This becomes a problem when visitors to your site click on your blog. If you haven’t updated it recently, the immediate impression is that you are not on top of things. You’re perceived as being out of touch, or too busy, or worse yet, possibly out of the business.

So the key to blogging effectively is much like the key to keeping your entire marketing campaign on track – systematization. If you are committed to regularly updating your blog, and you have the content to do so, then go ahead and start a blog. But be forewarned – your commitment to updating your blog must be as strong as any commitment in your business, or you run the risk of having your blog ultimately do more harm than good.]

7. Search Engine Optimization

Getting those coveted high rankings in the search engines isn’t something that happens by chance. Search engine optimization is a blend of science and art. It’s about understanding how things work on the Internet as well as understanding what people are looking for and their search tendencies.

The best real estate web sites are those that include search engine optimized copywriting, are updated with new content frequently and regularly, and contain the tools and information that home buyers and sellers are looking for.

To that end, it’s critical that your site properly integrates the most-searched-for keywords in order to generate more traffic to your site. Search engines aren’t just about keywords, however. It’s also important to post new content to your site on a regular basis, because the search engines will downgrade your ranking if your site is perceived as being inactive or static for long periods of time. Links to your site from other sites are also highly beneficial your ranking in the search engines.

Long story short, search engine optimization can play a vital role in your web site’s success. To fully maximize your web presence, you have three basic choices – study all you can and become a search engine optimization expert and improve your rankings through a systematic organic SEO plan, or hire someone an expert to handle your SEO for you. Or you can consider pay per click search engine marketing- paying to have your site appear at the top of a search engine’s rankings for specific chosen keywords.

8. Keep It in Working Order

Many older and template-based sites we see often display broken links, missing files and disheveled elements that immediately cast doubt on the agent’s professionalism. In this day and age, it’s not enough to simply “have” a web site anymore. You need to continually hone your site and monitor it to ensure everything is in working order and providing the most value possible to your visitors.

If your site has fallen into a state of disrepair, it’s time to consider a new alternative or risk being dismissed by prospective clients due to your less-than-ideal web presence

9. Copy Counts

There’s no doubt the web is primarily a visual medium. But that doesn’t mean that the copywriting doesn’t matter. There are different camps on this, some feel copywriting is not as relevant in today’s short attention span world or in Web 2.0 websites. A quick survey of most agent sites tells us most agents underestimate the importance of well-written copy throughout their site. This is not a job for you, the agent. It’s something that should be handled by professionals, or else you run a serious risk of looking unprofessional to the home buyers and sellers visiting your site. A poorly written sentence here; a typo or spelling error there, and suddenly you start to de-sell yourself.

The moral of the story: Don’t try to do things that aren’t within your expertise. You sell houses. Professional copywriters write web site marketing copy. To maximize the effectiveness of your site, keep it that way.

10. When Was Your Last Site Review?

Web sites can be thought of like clothes. When you first buy it, it’s in style, up-to-date with the trends and makes you look good. But styles change quickly, and just like that shirt you bought a couple years ago, a web site can age quickly. If you have a plug and play web site or set up a custom site more than two or three (scary!) years ago, it’s time to give your site a thorough review. Updating your photos is the bare minimum, and you’ll likely find that many of the elements we discussed in this article are lacking from your site.

Your web site can be a huge boost to your business and an excellent lead generator. On the other hand, it can send a signal that you’re a fairly inactive agent who doesn’t keep up with the latest trends – and by extension, is probably out of touch with current market conditions and home values. In other words, not a wise choice to handle one of the largest investments most people make.

The beauty is the way you’re perceived is entirely up to you and you can upgrade your site with a website refresh. You can leave it alone and hope for the best, or you can actively “work” your site to make it as strong as can be.